EsP Resistance Mix
EsP Resistance Mix
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Complementary feed for high performance.

PACKAGE 25 kg muesli bag


ENERGY (DE) (kcal/kg) 3.200




CRUDE FIBRE (%) 9,85


HORSE’S AGE Up to a year
Fur further info check: Description, nutricional info, feeding advice and technical information


Balanced food that thanks to its careful composition contributes:
• Vegetable oil-based energy to maintain the levels of glucose and muscle glucose and maximize the physical resistance and sports performance of raid horses.
• With a high proportion of digestible fiber to maximize the reservoir of water and electrolytes in the digestive system, which is essential to optimize yield and metabolic recovery in this type of effort.
• High concentration on Vitamin E, C and Selenium to inhibit the oxidative damage suffered by the musculature as a result of the free radicals that are released during the exercise.
• With a high proportions of Copper and Zinc, in an organic format, to enhance the stability and resistance of collagen fibers, and thus prevent injuries to ligaments and tendons and improve the good structure of the bones.
• High concentration of amino acids (lysine, methionine, threonine) to enhance the development and recovery of muscle fiber.
• Protein of biological quality for a better absorption and use to avoid hepatic and renal overloads.
• Low concentration of starchs to prevent tiredness, muscle damage and nervousness associated with starch rich diets.
• High proportion of biotin, methionine and zinc to favor the good condition of the hoofs.

Nutritional values

Ashes 8,04%
Crude Protein 12,00%
Fats 9,85%
Crude Fiber 9,85%
Starch 21,19%
C18:2 Ac. Linoleic 4,72%
Calcium 1,23%
Total P 0,54%
Sodium 0,25%
Magnesium 0,50%
DE Horses 3.200 Kcal/kg
Lysine 0,79%
Methionine 0,23%
Threonine 0,45%
Trytophan 0,13%
DE Horses 13,39MJ/kg
Omega3 1,11%
Omega6 4,72%
Vitamin A 12.000 UI/kg
Vitamin D3 2.000 UI/kg
Vitamin E 500,00 mg/kg
Vitamin C 60,00 mg/kg
Biotin (H) 0,315 mg/kg
Choline 0,46 g/kg
Copper (sulphate) 45,00 mg/kg
Copper (glycinate) 20,40 mg/kg
Cobalt (carbonate) 0,300 mg/kg
Zinc (oxide) 140,00 mg/kg
Zinc (glycinate) 60,00 mg/kg
Selenium 0,450 mg/kg
Iodine 0,500 mg/kg
Manganese (oxide) 80,00 mg/kg
Iron (Carbonate) 100,00 mg/kg
S. Cerevisae CNCM I-1077 3×10(9)ufc


Feeding advice: Daily recommendation: 1 kg/100 kg body weight among 3 meals. The required amount depends on the amount of grazing and work.
We highly recommend combining feed with a fodder base of 50%

Technical info

Technical information available here
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